Best Privacy Protection Apps for Anonymity and Security

Best privacy protection apps: These applications will all-round protection to you and your internet activities. They’ll make you invisible on the web, hide your communication and files, and prevent the govt. and other third-parties from tracking you. Note that when I say privacy “protection”, I mean companies which are openly and publicly pro-privacy. Not just … Read more

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Best Privacy Search Engines 2022

Searching for privacy search engines in 2022?  You’ve landed at the right runway. Every single one of these search engines will grant you complete privacy and in most cases even anonymity. You can search without worrying about being traced/tracked or fingerprinted. Your data wouldn’t be sold and the websites you visit wouldn’t know who you … Read more

Is Telegram messenger secure?

There are numerous free messaging apps around, but one of the most popular is Telegram. Telegram earned that reputation mainly because of two features: group chat facilities and security.  Its huge possibilities for groups and channels are unchallenged, but concerning security, there are some issues we have to explore. Telegram is an open source app … Read more

Should we trust John McAfee?

John McAfee is a tech pioneer and successful entrepreneur. He started his career as a software developer and went on to create the first commercial anti-virus program. McAfee founded McAfee Inc. in 1987 and resigned in 1994, selling his remaining shares in the company over time. His net worth is estimated at four million dollars, … Read more

Darknet bunker plot thickens: ties to right-wing dissidents and WikiLeaks

The German Public Prosecution Service confirmed that a bunker functioning as an illegal cyber center had ties to a right-wing dissident movement and possibly to WikiLeaks. These revelations came to light when the main suspect – Herman Johan Verwoert-Derksen (60), also known as ‘Johan X.’ – reacted to his criminal case for the first time. … Read more

Dark web legend ‘Xanax King’ arrested again

A 41-year-old man from the Californian city of Martinez was charged with possession of equipment for producing counterfeit drugs. At the time of his arrest, Jeremy Donagal – an old school dark web vendor previously known as ‘Xanax King’ – was on supervised release from a 2015 conviction for manufacturing and selling counterfeit drugs. According … Read more

How to communicate when your phone is being tapped?

In the world of surveillance, there are rarely any absolutes — and that applies to guarantees, too. If NSA, GCHQ and associated agencies really want to get at your communications, and are prepared to invest their resources in doing so, they will usually succeed to some extent. But there is no need to be fatalistic … Read more