Sinbad Bitcoin Mixer Review

This is a new Bitcoin mixer that seems to offer more than what most mixers do.

Is it the best crypto mixer then? Well, you get to decide that once you go through this very detailed Sinbad review.

In this piece, we’d discuss the output addresses, time-delays, fund-distribution, anonymity, privacy and so much more.

This review is 100% objective. I’d only lay out the features being offered for you and then you can decide how it works for you.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer is a service which “cleans” your Bitcoins. It de-links the source, and the destination of your coins.

The Bitcoin ledger is public information. Anyone can see the sending and receiving addresses for any transaction. So, if the source of your coins is dirty, or the destination isn’t legitimate, it can be traced back to you.

Bitcoin mixers help you avoid that. They take your coins regardless of your source, and give you new coins completely unrelated to the coins you sent them.

You can spend these new coins anywhere you please, without worrying about this being linked to your original coins.

Sinbad- A brief overview

Before we start, here’s a glimpse of everything you can expect from the mixer:

Make your bitcoin anonymous witout any dark trails with sinbad!

If these features seem alright to you, let’s get you some clean Bitcoins right away!

10 output addresses

Sinbad offers one of the highest number of addresses any mixer offers in the industry.

You can send your clean coins to 10 different addresses.  This serves more than one benefit.

For starters, you now have your funds in 10 different wallets. None of those 10 transactions can be linked to your original coins, or even to each other.

Then, the “amount” in each of theses addresses is obviously different from  your original deposit. It will 100% be less than your original deposit as now it’s broken into multiple parts.

Hence, no one’s linking your original $10 deposit to a random $3 in a completely different wallet!

The third and more important benefit is additional randomization. For each of these addresses, Sinbad lets you add extra delay. That has its own benefits as I’ll next discuss.

User-controlled Time-delays

As I just mentioned, you can add your own delays to each output.

This means, you can set the time-difference between your original deposit, and the clean output you receive, for every single address separately.

If you sent your clean coins today, you can set your first output to be in X hours, your second output to be in Y hours and so on.

Not all mixers let their clients set the required delays manually. They either randomize this or let you select the “first delay” and then do what they want for the rest. Sinbad clearly offers more control.

This helps further break links between your deposit and the new coins in any of these addresses.

The minimum delay you can set is 0 hours (this will result in an immediate output). The maximum allowed delay is 24 hours.

User-controlled Fund-distribution

This is another feature that makes Sinbad one of the best mixers in the industry.

Sinbad lets you choose the “distribution of funds” for each address manually.

This means you get to choose exactly how much fund each of these addresses receive.

There’s a slider that lets you adjust the distribution in real-time. You move the slider and the distribution changes live so you can see which address is receiving how much of your total funds.

Just in case you’re new to the whole mixing thing, “no”, fund-distribution isn’t a feature all mixers provide by default. So yes, it does deserve extra stars for this!

User-controlled fee

Isn’t it great if a company lets you choose exactly how much you wish to pay for its services? Sinbad is that company. Although let’s be honest, this is a common practice in the mixing industry, still impressive nonetheless.

Obviously, there’s a minimum fee. It has to be at least 0.5% of the transaction.

Why would then you choose to pay more? Anonymity! You heard that right. Given how 0.5% is the minimum, a lot of users may be using this exact fee for all their mixes.

This creates a pattern and an in-depth analysis may get an idea of what’s going on. Do note that your transactions are still 100% safe and de-linked even if you use 0.5% every single time.

However, it’s better not to give anyone any ideas, isn’t it? Even if you increase it just by 0.1% that’d do the trick. It just has to be different and random, that’s the goal.

The maximum fee you can manually pay is 2.5% for each transaction.

Mixing code

This is a safety mechanism that most mixers use. So, any coins that are sent to the mixer aren’t instantly sent out and rather kept with the mixer, right?

So, for each mix, you get a “mixing code”. The next time you mix your coins, you should enter your mixing code.

This tells the mixer that person X (the person who has the code) has already sent the Y coins in their pool. So, they will never send out the Y coins to your new mix as the mixing code was generated during the Y coin deposit.

LoG (Letter of Guarantee)

The company obviously doesn’t require you to “sign up” for anonymity reasons. How then can you keep track of your mixes?

Well, the mixing code is certainly something that  helps you link yourself to your coin without having to share your name or any other detail.

Now, the company also offers a “Letter of Guarantee” on each deposit page (the page where you’re shown the deposit address).

It’s basically a PGP-signed message which proves that you’re the true depositor for any said transaction.

This also ensures that the company can’t deny receiving your funds. The LoG proves that the displayed address is actually from Sindbad. The deposit can easily be proven via Blockchain.

Both clearnet and Tor versions

Sinbad is one of the very few mixers in the industry that offers two modes of access.

You can use it both on the clearnet, as well as Tor.

Using it on the clearnet gives you more accountability but almost no anonymity (unless you use a good VPN). However, this makes it easier to access even for those who don’t have a lot of experience with Tor.

The Tor version offers you a lot more anonymity, even without the VPN. Obviously, the VPN makes you completely invisible” it’s still not 100% mandatory.

Minimum & maximum mixing amounts

Like any other good mixer, Sinbad too obviously has minimum & maximum coins you can mix.

The smallest amount you can mix is 0.001 BTC. The maximum amount you can mix is about 100 BTC/transaction.

If you do send funds lower than the minimum allowed limit, they’d be considered donations and not refunded.

The maximum limit obviously keeps changing depending on the available resources, however, it’s generally about that much.

All deposits are confirmed only after a minimum of 5 confirmations.


What if you mess up the mix? Maybe sent more than you wanted to? Your mix isn’t displayed?

Well, the company does have an e-mail support. You can send your questions to [email protected] and they’d revert back to you.

You can also use their BitcoinTalk page. That’s generally active and then you’d be able to receive help not just from  Sinbad team but also other community members.

Caution: Be very careful about what you share with “community members”.

Sinbad mixer review: Is it the best?

So, is Sinbad the best Bitcoin mixer in the industry? Well, it certainly is “no less”. That’s because there’s almost no feature that the best mixers offer which Sinbad may have missed.

You get 10 addresses, 100% control over distribution/ delays and even a clearnet version.

In fact, even some of the best mixers miss out on quite  a few of these features. So yes, for now, I’d say Sinbad may very well could be one of the best mixers on the planet.

If you’ve got coins you’d like to get cleaned, get off this Sinbad mixer review and give it a try.

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