Illegaler Handel mit Dopingmitteln im Internet: Ergebnisse neuer Studie der Welt-Antidoping-Behörde

Illegal Machenschaften im Internet: Ein Blick auf die Studien aus Australien und der Welt-Antidoping-Behörde In der heutigen digitalen Welt ist das Internet ein Raum, der nicht nur für den Austausch von Informationen, sondern auch für illegale Aktivitäten genutzt wird. Eines der Felder, in dem dies besonders der Fall ist, ist der Drogen- und Dopinghandel. Die … Read more

The Dark Side of the Internet: How Performance-Enhancing Drugs Are Being Bought and Sold Online.

Recent studies conducted in Australia and by the World Anti-Doping Agency have shed light on the illegal activities taking place on the internet. These studies have revealed the extent to which performance-enhancing drugs and supplements are being bought and sold through online marketplaces and social media platforms. The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not a … Read more

The dark web down under: what’s driving the rise and rise of NZ’s ‘Tor Market’ for illegal drugs?

Getty Images New Zealand is generally proud of being a world leader, but there’s one claim that might not be universally admired: being home to the longest running English-language market for illegal drugs on the so-called “darknet”. Known as “Tor Market”, it has been active since March 2018 and has outlived several larger and better … Read more

Here’s how much your personal information is worth to cybercriminals – and what they do with it

The black market for stolen personal information motivates most data breaches. aleksey-martynyuk/iStock via Getty Images Data breaches have become common, and billions of records are stolen worldwide every year. Most of the media coverage of data breaches tends to focus on how the breach happened, how many records were stolen and the financial and legal … Read more

How the world’s biggest dark web platform spreads millions of items of child sex abuse material — and why it’s hard to stop

Shutterstock Child sexual abuse material is rampant online, despite considerable efforts by big tech companies and governments to curb it. And according to reports, it has only become more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. This material is largely hosted on the anonymous part of the internet — the “darknet” – where perpetrators can share it … Read more

The ‘Optus hacker’ claims they’ve deleted the data. Here’s what experts want you to know

T. Schneider/Shutterstock Shortly after Australian telecommunications company Optus announced the identity data of millions of customers had been stolen, a person claiming to be the hacker announced they would delete the data for US$1 million. When Optus didn’t pay, the purported hacker published 10,000 stolen records and threatened to release ten thousand more every day … Read more