Mixero Review – Best Crypto Tumbler Service

Is Mixero the best Bitcoin mixer in the industry? That’s the very question I’ll try to answer through this review. Better yet, that’s a question you’ll be able to answer better once you’ve been through this review.

And yes, this review is 100% honest, unbiased and transparent. I’ll answer everything I should when reviewing any such mixer.

If you’re in the market for a Bitcoin mixer, I guarantee your next few minutes wouldn’t be wasted.

Unfortunately, though, Mixero is a Bitcoin-only mixer. If you wish to mix some other coin, I’d suggest you convert it first to Bitcoin and then proceed with the review.

Let’s get started then?

Legal and Financial Disclaimer

The legalities of Bitcoin mixing may differ for each jurisdiction. It’s solely your responsibility to ascertain the legalities of your action.

The creators of this review, or the website will not be responsible for any of your activities.

We also do not guarantee Mixero’s legitimacy. While we do not have a reason to suspect any wrongdoings, only you’re responsible for all your financial decisions, including profits & losses as a result of using the mixer.

What is Mixero?

As the name somewhat hints, it’s a “mixing” service. What does it mix? Bitcoins! Let me explain.

Mixing your crypto makes these funds anonymous. It’s basically whitewashing your funds. This is what JackSparrow would’ve done if he looted Bitcoins instead of Cryptocurrencies, just saying.

So, when folks use Bitcoin, their transactions get recorded on something called the Blockchain. And that Blockchain’s like a big old public ledger, showing everybody who sent what to who. (And you thought Crypto was untraceable, eh?)

But, we don’t want anyone to know what you doing with your Crypto, eh?  That’s where the mixing comes in. It’s like mixing up a big old pot of stew, except instead of potatoes and carrots, we’re mixing up Bitcoin transactions.

So when you use Mixero, it takes your Bitcoin and jumbles it up with a bunch of other folks’ Bitcoin, so nobody can tell whose is whose.

Once the mixing is done, you get a part of the total mix that amounts to your mixing amount. Because these new coins aren’t related to your old coins, there’s no link between them.

Plus, these new coins aren’t attached to your identity in any way. Hence, even if your identity was compromised during the initial acquisition, the new funds you have are completely clean.

Here are the primary features Mixero offers:

100% Anonymity

The entire point of mixing Cryptocurrencies is to add anonymity and privacy to your  funds, isn’t it?

Mixero is 100% anonymous. For starters, it doesn’t require a registration. No names, address, contact numbers of anything of that sort is required.

You land on the website > make your deposit > receive clean funds.

To add to your anonymity, they even have a Tor version. Yes, your IP address isn’t recorded even if you don’t use a VPN (although, you totally should).

Oh and just in case you’re confused, it does have a pretty strict “no logs policy” as well.

Minimum & maximum deposits

So, what’s the smallest and largest deposit Mixero accepts? Pretty legit questions, aren’t they?

The mixer would be useless if it has a big “minimum” requirement, and also if a very small “maximum” limit.

Fortunately, Mixero seems to be at industry standards.

It accepts deposits as low as  0.002 BTC. That’s a pretty low entry-point don’t you agree?

The maximum you can mix with Mixero is 250 BTC. Now, I haven’t verified that the mixer actually has 250 BTC in its reserves, but I doubt you’re trying to mix 250BTC anyway, are you?

5 Output Addresses

So, once you send in your funds, Mixero will send you clean coins. However, isn’t it better if you receive these clean coins in many different addresses instead of one?

Towards that end, Mixero allows as many as 5 different addresses. I’ve been with about 20 mixers at this point,  which is why I know 5 isn’t the best number I’ve seen.

However, I also know 5 is a pretty decent number even if not the highest. It adds enough anonymity to the transaction without making it too completed for the receiver (you).

Note: The no. of output addresses depend on the mixing mode you go with (discussed below).

Two Mixing Modes – CoinJoin & Advanced

This is one of the unique features Mixero offers. Unlike other mixers, it offers you not just one but two different Crypto mixing modes.

The first is the “CoinJoin” mode.  It’s how crypto is traditionally mixed. Your funds are mixed with in a pool of coins deposited by others. Your output is then sent out from this pool, de-linked from your initial deposit.

The advanced mode is, well, a bit more advanced.  It basically uses “coin-swap”. In simpler words, your funds are converted to Monero first, and then back to Bitcoin.

In doing so, the new Bitcoins Mixero gives you are not linked to your original deposit in any way. It happens entirely in the background, no special efforts from you are required.

Do note that you do not get fee-control in the advanced mode. It’s also limited to 1 address only. It’s because it’s a slightly more complex and advanced procedure and hence offers less variations (but more anonymity).

Mixero Fee

So, how much will each Bitcoin mix cost you?  It depends on t he mixing mode you’re using.

If you use the CoinJoin mode, you get full control of the fee. The minimum fee is 0.7% of the transaction. Pretty cheap, eh? However, you can increase it to 4.7% or anything in between.

On top of the fee you select, there’s a 0.0002 BTC fee in the CoinJoin mode.

Do note that cheaper fee equals slower transactions, higher fee obviously would get you your output faster.

On the Advanced mixing mode however, there’s no fee-control. It’s set at 1.928%. This can’t be changed.


Mixero is extremely easy to use. This is what the UI looks like:


At the very top, you’d see the two mixing modes – CoinJoin & Advanced. You can select either, only requires a single click.

Then you’d see the address box. This is where you enter your output addresses. Adding address is simple as well, you see that “Add another address” link, don’t you?

Then there’s the fee-slider. All you need to do is simply slide the blob left/right to increase/decrease the fee.

Even on the next page, you simply have to deposit your funds. An address and its QR code is shown. You send your funds here and you’re all set.

There are almost no complex steps/processes involved. I’m sure you’d agree this is easy, wouldn’t you?

Automatic Fund Distribution

This probably is the only aspect I’m not happy with as far as this Mixero review goes.

Mixero doesn’t let us select the amount/percent of funds we want in each output address.

Rather, it automatically and equally divides the total output by the number of total addresses.

The benefit? You save time and headache dividing each output on your own. The downside? You don’t much control. You can however always choose the no. of address depending on your amount to get close to whatever amount you want in each address.

I wouldn’t say if it’s a desirable or an undesirable feature. That’s up to you to decide.

Instant Withdrawals

This again is both a feature, as well as a problem.

So, Mixero doesn’t let you control “time delays”. Meaning, you do not get to set the delay between your deposit, and the clean outputs. They’re sent out as soon as they’re cleaned and sent out.

On the bright side, you get instant withdrawals. This is fast and desirable to many. On the down side, delays could help you add more anonymity to your transactions  and the absence of the feature may not sit right with some of you.

Letter of Guarantee

This isn’t a feature that’s unheard of. However, it’s remains an equally desirable feature nonetheless.

Once you’re on the transaction page (where you get the deposit address), Mixero gives you a Letter of Guarantee.

Because there are no accounts involved, this is how you can identify yourself and your deposits to the team. You can also use this to prove your deposit in case some error occurs.

Final verdict

So, let’s answer the final question. Is Mixero the best Bitcoin mixer out there? I’ll say yes and no.

Yes because it offers most features I seek in a Bitcoin mixer. It offers me 5 output addresses, letter of guarantee, extremely low entry points and an easy UI. Its advanced mixing mode further sweetens the deal.

However, its lack of fund-distribution and time-delays do tell me some of you may have a different experience.

All in all, I’d say as long as you need to mix your Bitcoins it gets the job done and gets it done pretty good

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