WeTheNorth Dark Market Review

WeTheNorth market review: is it the best dark web market in existence? That’s something we’ll try to dissect throughout this piece.

I’ll discuss every single feature that defines the market, including products, security features, payment policies, vendor policies and everything else.

Once you’ve been through this piece, you can be the judge & jury of the market’s true potential.

It does have a few pretty unique and rare features though!

Do note that this review is purely and solely for educational purposes. We haven’t verified the legitimacy or authenticity of the market/products. Hence, you solely are responsible for all your actions, both legal as well as illegal.

WeTheNorth Dark Market Overview

Here’s a sneak-peek into the market before we get into the finer details:

Registration Open, Register Now at WeTheNorth Marketplace

Does WeTheNorth Market Require Registration?

Yes, it does. No part of the live market can be browsed without registration. Yes, I’ve seen markets which allow a registration-less browsing environment but WTN isn’t one of them.

The registration however is 100% anonymous and void of any personal details:

WeTheNorth Marketplace Review 1

As is clear, everything you enter can be (should be) completely random.

Is WeTheNorth Market Global?

This probably is what separates WTN from all other dark web markets in existence today. It’s not a “global” market.

The market ships only to Canada. It very strictly mentions no products are to be shipped outside Canada.

Well, logistically, it does aid a ton in terms of custom clearance (cause there is none) and detection.

Moreover, you can always buy the digital items (cards/e-books/software) etc. regardless of where you’re from.

How easy/hard is it Using WeTheNorth Dark Market?

The market seems to have learnt from its predecessors.

So, the interface is almost an identical copy of what we got with the now-defunct Empire Market, which itself was inspired from the OG Alphabay.

Here’s what the interface looks like:

WeTheNorth Dark Market Review

Pretty straight-forward eh? At the very top, on the far-right, you get the (green) buttons for its autoshops.

The top-bar just below the logo houses the important navigational buttons. You can use these to get to all the different pages on the market.

The left-sidebar first shows your profile information. This includes your username, total sales/orders, trust level etc.

offers all the products that you can purchase. And the centre-screen, as always, shows the available products and information about the products.

So, in a nutshell, using WTN doesn’t need any special skills. It’s easier than using most social media networks and if you’ve got prior dark web market experience, it’s literally the exact same thing. No learning curve whatsoever.

 What Products does WeTheNorth Market Sell?

The usual dark web stuff, nothing too fancy.

So, the market has about 5000 individual listings as of today.

As expected, “Drugs & Chemicals” of course has the maximum number of listings with over 50% of the market listings standing at over 2600 individually listed products.

It has dozens of sub-categories with products such as stimulants, tobacco, steroids, paraphernalia, ecstasy etc.

Then there are the “Fraud” listings with 1024 items listed. It has products such as accounts, dumps, CVV etc.

The third category of products with the highest number of stocks is “Digital products”. It has a total of 769 products as of today. The available products include e-books, erotica, game keys, fraud software etc.

The next category in terms of product stock is“Guides & tutorials” with 682 listings. As the name suggests, it has guides on fraud, drugs, hacking, security and much more.

Counterfeit items has about 100 listed items and of course it sells fakes/duplicates for various products such as clothing, money, jewellery etc.

The last category with substantial (~50) listed products is “services”. This category doesn’t sell physical items and rather offers “skills/help” from other individuals.  The products include carding, social engineering etc.

Of course there are other items on the marketplace, these include carded items, software & malware etc.

All in all, WTN despite being a Canada-centric dark web market is one of the most product-rich marketplaces in the industry.

What Products aren’t Allowed on WeTheNorth

Of course it doesn’t allow any and everything just because it’s a dark web market.

The following items can’t be sold on the market:

  • Underage porn
  • Prostitution
  • Murder services
  • Weapons
  • And Fentanyl.

How Can You Pay on WeTheNorth Dark Market?

The market uses a centralized wallet and is not a “wallet-less” platform. This means, you need to deposit funds to your user-wallet before you can use them.

In other words, you can not pay for orders directly from an external wallet. Only the money that’s in your account can be used for purchases.

Anyway, it does allow payment via both Bitcoin, as well as Monero.

Bitcoin deposits require 2 confirmations. Do note that each address is valid only for 1 deposit. Also, even without a deposit, each address expires after 48 hours of generation.

This means, after each deposit (or the passing of 48 hours, whichever is sooner), you need to generate a new deposit address.

Monero (XMR) deposit is a bit different. You do get a deposit address however the deposit isn’t credited directly. Rather, after making a deposit, you’ll need to contact the support team with the deposit information. The funds are then manually credited to your account.

CC and Profile Autoshop

This is one of the most unique features that WeTheNorth market offers.

It has two autoshops, one sells “cards” and the other sells “profile information”.

Autoshops are different from the general shop in one major aspect. There’s no escrow. Hence, whatever you purchase is delivered instantly to you.  This also means your payment is instantly sent to the vendor.

As the screenshot shows, for each card, it displays the BIN, first name, province, city and a lot of other information “before” you make a purchase.

This helps you easily find exactly the type of card you’re looking for.

Similarly, a ton of information is displayed for each profile pre-purchase as well.

There’s also a very advanced filter that lets you filter for the cards you need. This makes the process much easier and faster.

This is what makes WTN probably one of the best credit card shops currently live in the industry.

Product & Vendor Transparency

This is a metric I’ve developed to judge a product/vendor’s legitimacy.

So, for each listed product on WeTheNorth market, it displays the following information:

  • of views
  • Total sales
  • The vendor’s positive ratings
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency and the price

Similarly, if you click on a vendor’s name, it gives you more information about the vendor.

These details include:

  • Positive/negative feedback
  • of total disputes / orders
  • Total money spent as a buyer
  • Last online
  • Trust level
  • Vendor level

In a nutshell, before you even make a purchase the market tells you a ton about the source. You can choose those vendors and products who have a high number of sales and positive ratings.

Who can sell on WeTheNorth Dark Market?

So, this WeTheNorth market isn’t only for the buyers. It being a P2P escrow marketplace it of course accepts third-party sellers.

Now, anyone can start selling on WeTheNorth Market.

The primary condition is that the a CAD $300 vendor fee must be deposited. This is non-refundable.

On top of this, the vendors need to adhere to a few rules. They can not sell any of the prohibited items, or share links to external sources for communication or payments.

Do note that the fee may change by the time you read this WeTheNorth review.

What is the Sports Bet Panel?

It’s the only dark web market I’ve seen offer this.

So, it’s basically an automated gambling platform that lets you bet on:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • And NBA

The ratio is 1:1. Basically, all the money that’s bet on any team is put into a pot. It goes to the winning party. Now, the number of participants on the winning team get whatever money is in the losing team’s pot and it’s divided equally amongst the winners.

The market does keep its 5% share though.

Final verdict:

So, is this the best market in the industry? I wouldn’t say that. Primarily because it’s limited to Canada. However, if it was a global market, it certainly has more features than most “established” markets out there.

The no. of products is impressive, the autoshops make things easy, the payment policies are acceptable as well.

Sure, I’d have liked if it was wallet-less and maybe accepted direct Monero deposits. However, whatever is being offered is sure acceptable if not outright impressive.

So, all in all, I’d rate the market a 4/5 as far as this WeTheNorth market review goes.

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